Employment responsibilities

     The important stage of the college’s activity is assistance for graduators in employment. The main direction of the activity is creation and development of assistance system   of employment of students and graduators of the college and their adaptation to labor market.       

     During the period of the years 2008 - 2015 more than five hundred students graduated from the College, among them 80% work on specialty.
     The work for graduate employment  is carried out in the main directions:
1) press coverage: monitoring of labor market, investigation of demand of specialists of that profile; acquaintance of students, graduators with labor market, assistance in solution of specific questions of employment; provision of information to students about vacancies, psychological training for the meeting with employers;
2) social partnership with authorities of local self-government, employment agency, educational institutions, employers in the directions: questionnaire of employers about preferable qualities of specialists whom they would like to see in workplace of their enterprise; usage of enterprise’s potential for increasing the quality of specialists’ training ; meetings with employers; participation in vacancy fairs; continuous cooperation with urban employment agency (vacancy inquiry, organization of meetings and so on);
3) employment assistance to students and graduators: formation of list (bank data) of graduators; formation of list of enterprises and organizations, cooperating with college, organization of seminars, conferences, job counseling and promotion of graduators in labor market; organization of arrangements on employment (vacancy fairs, «round table» with employers and representatives of  employment agency, presentations of specialties).