The subject-cycled commission of «Protection in emergences situations», «Fire safety» and «Design»

   Today labor market requires training of qualified specialists in the field of providing human security in modern world and ready to formation of comfortable life in the conditions of regular use of techniques.

   For successful realization of professional activity in this field, it is necessary to have skills of high-performance usage of techniques, control and forecasting methods, to be able to work in competitive environment in labor market and fulfill professional tasks for achieving finance stability and strategic effectiveness of activity of techno sphere’s object at different stages of life cycle.

   Head of the cycle is Omiralina Maigul Kuanyshevna, the teacher of the first degree.

          The list of the teachers of the SCC: 

   In the subject-cycled commission of “Protection in emergency situations”, Fire safety”, “Design” – there are 13 teachers: candidates of technical science, masters, teachers of the first degree, of the second degree.

          Methodological problem of the SCC:

   Improvement of the activity of personal self-determination and formation of professionalism of the future specialists on the ground of competence approach.  


  •    Teachers must enrich themselves by effective methods, techniques and technologies in organization of educational process.
  •    Stimulation of innovation activity of teachers.
  •    Study of the effective usage of the different technologies of lessons’ organization by teachers


-organization-management: development and performance of emergency rescue operations at occurrence of natural and man-made emergency situations,  services organization of RK, emergency situations and civil defense, warning system, organization   of population evacuation from danger areas, department of carrying out preventive arrangements  for protection of population, sites from the influence of dangerous factors of emergency situations, formation of stable functioning of economic and territory entities in the conditions of emergency situations and disaster recovery;

-expert, supervisory and inspection-audit: control of readiness of economic and territory entity to emergency situations of peace and war time, supervision of compliance with requirements of legislation and regulations  in the field of security in emergency situations, inspection of economic and territory entities with a focus on prevention of emergency situations;

service-operational: use and service of rescue system and equipment of people and material values and emergency recovery situations;

- research: risk evaluation and assessment of ES, study of the new forecasting methods of offensive of ES, its size and scope, research of the new methods of human rescue in emergency situation of different character, equipment of emergency recovery situations;

- design: creation of recovery facilities, protection in ES, development of technical projects for carrying out rescue and abandonment operations, development of  geoinformation satellite systems of warning  about emergency situations, development of projects of preventive activities  for disaster relief and reduction.

   Professional activity of designers and the teachers of Fine art and drawing is directed to the development of creative abilities and activity of students.

   During 10 years of existing in college the specialty “ Design and Fine Art keep up the following traditions: the annual exhibition “StudArt”, excursions to museums, showrooms, workshops of painters, attendance of competitions and festivals of Children’s fashion house, participation of students in fashion festivals,  craftwork Festival, professional meetings with painters and masters of national handicraft, participation in urban and regional exhibitions of scientific and creative works of students of secondary specialized colleges.

   In 2014-2015 academic years the student of the group D-22 Artyem Zaika took the first place in the urban subject Olympiad on Design among the students of colleges, the tutor –N.S.Maiseyenko, a teacher of the second degree on the specialty “Design”.   

   The SCC is engaged in adoption of training-program documentation of the new generation. In the course of  implementation of new SCES, training programs and  course schedule are renewed , teaching materials for all disciplines are added, testing and assessment materials for enter control, written tests, terminal tests, examinations, programs of  final state certification, themes of course works, graduation thesis are developed.  At present all teaching materials on disciplines are made in compliance with principle of flexibility, variation, professional-practical direction.