Student council of hostel

   The main goal of student council is to render help for administration, organization of mass cultural and health works and improvement of living conditions at hostel for CYA of the college.   Leaders of each floor, active members of CYA and also curators of different sectors for activity directions of student council of the hostel are the members of Student Council.
    Student council carries out organizational, health, mass cultural work among students living in the hostel.
    According to the goals of its activity, Student council of the hostel:
• coordinates activity of leaders of each floor and senior alliances;
• organizes work for self-service of hostess, take care for observing sanitary standards and health and safety rules by students, engage them in its fulfillment;
•  assists to organization and holding mass cultural arrangements and leisure-time of students at hostel;
• together with CYA of the college and administration of the hostel to organize work for planting of trees and shrubs and improvement of hostel’s territory, repair of living accommodations, furniture and another stock, development of another forms of self-service;
• helps administration of the hostel in organization of controlling safe-keeping of things of value reserved to students;
• organizes work of living students for checking pass control and visiting guests of the hostel;
• takes  partу in conflict solution arising between students, makes proposals concerning disciplinary influence on accommodation rules breakers at hostel;
• organizes lectures and discussions on interested themes of students.