Youth branch «Zhas Otan»

     Youth branch “Zhas Otan” is  youth policy which continues the idea of ​​ N.A. Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The primary department of YB “Zhas Otan” at “Nur Otan” party was opened at Multidisciplinary Civil Defence College on October 1 2015. Khalitova Farida Rafailovna was elected the Head of the primary department. The primary department consists of 30 activists and volunteers.

     The purpose of opening the primary department is to increase the number of supporters of the policy of Head of State and “Nur Otan” party among youth.  The main activity of the primary department is to implement targeted assistance to veterans of the city, visiting aid to orphanages and shelters, assistance to low-income families, participation in local, regional and national events in different formats, the organization of events of different levels.

       Activists of the college help people wholeheartedly and participate in different forums and shares. During the first half of the year, we have actively participated in over 30 events of municipal and regional level, rendered assistance to more than 20 people, and organized 5 events independently. Also, activists of the primary branch of “Zhas Otan” actively participate in the various regional and national competitions, in one of these contests called “Country against corruption”, the activists of the primary branch “Zhas Otan” of our college took the 1st place.

       Also the children took part in trainings actively conducted by the specialists of YB “Zhas Otan”, the children develop themselves and leadership qualities. Activists who joined the ranks of YB “Zhas Otan” at “Nur Otan” party take their first steps on the path to successful career!