The history of the college

     The history of the educational institution started from 2004 by opening the college under the Establishment of  Kokshetau University. The training was carried out by three specialties: Kazakh language and literature at national schools,  Land management, Accounting and audit.  In 2005-2006 the college took out a license for opening of 6 specialties: “Physical training”, “Health and safety and healthcare science”,

“Elementary education”, “Design”, “Fine art and drawing”, “Science of Law”.

     In 2009 “Protection in emergency situations” specialty was opened (on specialty), in 2011 – Fire safety, Preschool training and education, Informational science (in the fields if using), Elementary education (a teacher of self-knowledge), Economics specialties were opened.

     In 2006 there was the first graduation on specialty “Accounting and audit”.  The college has successfully passed the state certification of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan twice – in 2008 and in 2013.  

     In 2015 the College under the “Kokshe” Academy was reorganized into the Multidisciplinary Civil Defence College.

The process of reorganization of the college for training on the profile specialties of Emergencies was carried out step by step, starting from 2009. The initiator of opening the profile specialties of emergencies in the college was “Ort Sondirushi” JSC - directly interested in creation of the system of training specialists for non-governmental fire-prevention and emergency services.

Formation of the system of professional training for non-governmental fire-prevention and emergency services was carried out under the close cooperation with “Kokshe” Academy and “Ort Sondirushi” JSC. 

     The Multidisciplinary Civil Defence College operates under the License of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has got necessary facilities and equipment for delivering education process in compliance with the requirements under the terms of education, accommodation and leisure-time of students. There are three properties belonging to the college which are situated in Kokshetau.   

     The main academic institution occupied at the five-storey building and there are enough classrooms, IT rooms, library, medical aid centre and canteen.  In the college’s territory there is a separate building of practice fire search and rescue part with four exits for training practice skills equipped by modern fire, search and rescue techniques, sports training complex of modular type is set up for carrying training exercises to prepare smoke divers, gas rescue team, firemen, rescuers.  

     There is a student hostel and dormitory for students from other towns.