The subject-cycled commission of Physical Training, Elementary Military Training (EMT)

   The SCC of Physical training carries out the work during many years for formation among students of stable motives and needs to their health and physical development,   holistic development of physical qualities, creative usage of resources of physical training in organization of a healthy lifestyle.

   The list of teachers of the SCC:

- Head of the SCC of Physical training and sport is Korneva Olga Sergeevna

- The staff of the subject-cycled commission of Physical training and sport consists of 12 teachers, among them they are the teachers of the high and the second degrees, Masters .

At present the quality training of students on specialty 0103000 "Physical training and sport"iscarried out.

   The SCC work on the theme: «Study and adoption of innovative pedagogical technologies in educational process of a teacher».

  •    Aim: the usage of modern educational technologies at work of each teacher; study and implementation of innovations, including them in the process of education in the frame of holding modern lesson.
  •    Tasks: to increase motivation of students for getting profession; to increase professional level of students through development of professional and general competence; to increase the level of pedagogical mastery with the help of study, development, implementation of the new pedagogical technologies of education in educational process.

   The teachers of Physical training and sport participate in urban and regional sport arrangements with students every year.

   Students of our college do sport at professional level.

   Sport achievements of our students are high.

   Among them -  three Masters of sports: O Asylkulov - boxing, Olzhas Klimin and Natalya  Sokolovskaya - skiing, 17 candidates in masters of sport (Ye. Urmanov – tae kwon do, N.Yessimov- wrestling, A Aidarchanova –freestyle wrestling, A.Anuarbek – kazakhsha kures, A Tussenova - boxing, A.Zholdasova –freestyle wrestling, A.Karabolat –freestyle wrestling, M.Zhenisov - boxing, Y.Temirbayev – kazakhsha kures, R.Afanasyev, R.Pleshkov., V.Resh- triathletes). The first-year students  Vitaliy Marte, Ulan Sariyev, Abylay Dastan, Alikhan Bailiyev, Abay Mukhanov are included in the first team of HC  «ARLAN» (Candidates  in Masters of sport)., O.Temen with first-class, freestyle wrestling, B.Amantayev – kazakhsha kures, Ye.Kabidenov -  kickboxing, Ye. Zhumazhan – kazakhsha kures. 

L.Ponomaryeva , a participant of Republican and regional competitions is a member of Akmolinskaya region’s team on Tourism.

   Every graduator of the college on Physical training specialty must strongly believe that health of nation, future of nation are in his hands. 

   Therefore you must not forget a minute that a teacher of Physical training is a man who is responsible for the future of people. 

   It is necessary to study honestly, to acquire knowledge of Pedagogy, Human Anatomy, and teaching method of course units.

   The days will come and a teacher of Physical training will be a key man in educational institutions of any types.