Educational and Methodological Association of the Republican Educational and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On the basis of the Institution «Higher Multidisciplinary College of Civil Protection» in Kokshetau, by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 30, 2020 No. 171, was created an Educational and Methodological Association (EMA) of technical and vocational, post-secondary education (TVPSE) in the specialties "Fire safety" and "Protection in emergency situations (by industry)", which is part of the structure of the Republican Educational and Methodological Council of TVPSE. 

By the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 17, 2021 No. 62, the specialty "Labor protection and safety of technological processes" was added to the EMA.

The chairman of the Educational and Methodological Association is the director of HMCCP Tyulebaev Askerbek Zhamantayevich.

The group of methodological support for the activities of the EMA includes teachers with experience in the bodies and departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, many years of teaching experience, advanced training in leading specialized universities of the countries that are part of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and special training through the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO).

EMA Methodological Support Group




Yuri Vasilevich

Deputy Chairman of the EMA,

Colonel of Civil Protection




Evgeni Aleksandrovich  

methodist, colonel of civil protection





Evgeni Gennadevich     

methodist, lieutenant colonel

of civil protection



Raihan Moldahmetovna,


The main purpose of the activity of the EMA is the development and coordination of educational, educational-methodical and scientific-methodical work in the organizations of the TVPSE, updating the content of the educational process, development and review of educational literature and textbooks, EMC.

The EMA performs the following main functions:

  • makes proposals to amend and supplement the regulatory legal documents of the TVPSE system;
  • makes recommendations on updating and improving the content of standard curricula and standard curricula, educational programs of TVPSE;
  • makes suggestions for improving educational, teaching, methodological and scientific-methodical activities in the TVPSE system;
  • implements and distributes the educational and methodological documentation developed by EMA TVPSE, as well as educational literature and teaching aids;
  • provides advisory assistance to TVPSE organizations on the organization of the educational process;
  • participates in the development of recommendations for the study, dissemination of best practices, organization and holding of conferences, seminars on improving the educational process in TVPSE organizations;
  • forms author groups for the creation of educational and methodical literature and educational audiovisual means
  • decides on amendments to the regulations on UMO and sends them to the working body of the EMAM;
  • decides on the creation of working groups;
  • carries out review of educational literature, translated foreign educational literature and textbooks, educational programs of TVE and post-secondary education;

EMA builds its work on the principles of equality, collegiality of management, transparency of decisions made by all its members, to date, twenty-six representatives of specialized colleges engaged in training in the specialties "Fire safety", "Protection in emergency situations (by industry)", "Labor protection and safety of technological processes".

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"Educational-methodical and regulatory-legal documents"