The subject-cycled commission of philological-educational disciplines

   Modern situation in education demands the presence of own professional position from current teachers, characterizing not only to be competent  to set up a  pedagogical problem but  to be competent to present its solution at different levels  – from diagrammatic presentation of educational training to constructional design and development of different projects. In this regard creative attitude to this matter, search of own face are very important at present. The great opportunities for solving this problem are created in the subject-cycled commission of philological- educational disciplines. On the one hand the problems of modernization of education are solved productively here promoting the increase of research competence level, on the other hand – personal development of students is stimulated, and tendency of future teachers to constant development of their common cultural and professional potential is supported.

   Chairman of the subject-cycled commission of philological-educational disciplines in the Multidisciplinary Civil  Defence College is Anisova Aigerim Sagyndykova.

            The list of teachers of the SCC:

   There are 19 intellectual teachers in the subject-cycled commission: 1 candidate of philological science, 6 teachers of the high degree; 3 teachers of the first degree, 5 teachers of the second degree.

            Methodological problem of the SCC:

   Promotion of education quality by increasing professional competence of teacher with help of usage of modern technologies, methods and forms in personality-centered process.


-development of creative potential of teachers, abilities to reflexive appraisal of one’s achievements.

-study of efficiency of using different technologies by teachers in organization of study.

- teachers must enrich themselves by effective methods, techniques and technologies in organization of educational process.

-organization of teacher’s work for development of individual abilities of students, abilities for their own growth.


-increase of professional competence level of teachers and students.

-development and implementation of electronic learning resources.

-study and monitoring tracking of potential opportunities of every participant of educational process.

-creation of psychologically comfortable educational environment for general intellectual and moral development of personality.

-formation of skills of research activity among students

The problem is solved by improving the methods of training, organization of individual work with the students on the basis of the diagnostic activity of teachers.

           Directions of methodological work: 

1.  Development of program-planned documentation in compliance with the state educational standards.

2.  Improvement of information-methodological support of educational process.

3.  Organization of arrangements for professional development of teachers. Exchange of experiences in internal, urban, republican level.

4. Preparation of documents for participation in methodological arrangements and competitions of different levels.

5.  Development of research activity of students.

6. Transition to new technologies of education, acquaintance with new methods and observation of leading educational experience.

   The SCC is engaged in adoption of training-program documentation of the new generation. In the course of  implementation of new SCES, training programs and  course schedule are renewed , teaching materials for all disciplines are added, testing and assessment materials for enter control, written tests, terminal tests, examinations, programs of  final state certification, themes of course works, introduction materials, training hand outs, materials  in electronic format, structural-lexical schemes of disciplines’ study, different topics, lists of  supportive schemes  are developed.  At present all teaching materials on disciplines are made in compliance with principle of flexibility, variation, professional-practical direction.

   The teachers of disciplines carry on research works with students, take presentation of students on specialties “Primary education” and “Preschool training and education”. 

   The teachers of the SCC make different arrangements: subjects Olympiads, competitions, intellectual tournaments, meetings, participate in the scientific-practical conferences such as “Seiten’s readings”, “Shokan’s readings”.  

    In 2014-2015 academic year the students of the group “FS-12” Pavel Vavulin took the first place in the local competition «Til-Parasat », the leader – Ибраева Г.Е., a teacher of the high degree of Kazakh language and literature. N.A.Artyukhova – a teacher of the high degree of the Russian language and literature was awarded national certificate «Specialist- 2014».