The subject-cycled commission of economics, history, science of law

   The subject-cycled commission of «Economics, history, science of law»  trains specialists on three specialties : «0201000 – Science of law», « 0518000 – Accounting and audit», «1508000- Forest management», in compliance with license issued by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Chairman of the subject-cycled commission of the Multidisciplinary Civil Defence College is Nurbikenova Gulnaz Zhanabayevna.

             The list of teachers of the SCC:

There are 15 teachers in the staff of the subject-cycled commission of economics, history and law: 2 teachers hold administrative positions they are U.K.Kozganova-Deputy Director of Learning support, A.Zh.Aktayev -   Deputy Director of training and production work.

There are five teachers of the first degree such as U.K.Kozganova, M.K.Omiralina, Ye.YE.Kulmaganbetov., A.Zh.Aktayev., T.Zh.Akhmetov., three teachers of the second degree such as M.A.Zharkina., Zh.O.Mukusheva., A.B.Kainikenova on the disciplines of Economics, History, Law.

             Methodological problem of the SCC:

Methodological problem of the subject-cycled commission is the use of innovation technologies.

             Aims and tasks of the SCC:

-  course software for mastering course units on specialties;
- modeling of work system providing formation of general and professional competences;
- professional development of teachers;
-realization of innovative pedagogical and information technologies in educational process;
-study and spreading of best pedagogical practice, support beginning teachers on mastering art of teaching.

Teachers study methodological problem since 2012, study methodology of effective usage of innovation technology theoretically, write methodological reports and use them in practice at lessons.

             Directions of the scientific activity of the SCC:

1. Research development  of students;

2. Preparation of documents for participation in methodological activities and competitions of different levels;

3. Adoption of new technologies of education, acquaintance with new methods, study of best pedagogical practices.

4. Organization of arrangements for improvement of pedagogical development.

   Every year teachers of subject-cycled commission publish their articles in collected articles of different levels, scientific-methodological journals, newspapers.

Teachers of the SCC organize different arrangements on economics, history, and law: subject Olympiads, competitions, intellectual Olympiads, meetings. The students of the disciplines take part actively in the student scientific conferences in the college, Akmolinslaya region, Kokshetau town.

   Due to the participation of teachers and students in the activities of city, Republican level there is regular modernization of pedagogical education in the college, mastering modern scientific-methodological knowledge.